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Every IRC network has staff members that are heavily relied upon, and GameSurge is no different. The Support Staff on GameSurge are highly dedicated individuals without whom the network would not run. They are the first contact for many users support related needs. They deal with many user issues on a daily basis, from channel registrations to helping people with the various problems that they may encounter on IRC. The following is a list of these amazing individuals, without whom, there would be no GameSurge.

Nick Positions Location Member Since
Astron Support Operator January 2007
benf2004 Support Operator February 2006
BlindOldMan Support Manager New Bedford, MA July 2004
blindsight Support Operator August 2013
Crimson13 Affiliate Liaison, Support Operator IL. October 2005
cyberdeath Support Operator, Trainer Virginia February 2004
Enigma Network Helper, Trainer Sunshine State, Florida January 2005
Hitsugaya Support Operator, Trainer September 2008
Jenny Network Helper Aurora, Colorado January 2004
John` Network Helper CA December 2007
Marentis Affiliate Liaison, Support Operator November 2015
Matt Support Manager Ontario February 2004
MattFox Network Helper Connecticut August 2016
Nuvelle Network Helper, Trainer England January 2008
Roxas Network Helper FL March 2014
RxOuchy Support Operator Lancaster, Pennsylvania February 2004
SaniToeter Network Administrator, Support Operator October 2004
Sauron Support Operator May 2004
Scootz Network Helper Pennsylvania April 2007
ScRaMbLe Network Helper Universe June 2006
stian Support Operator North Rhine-Westphalia April 2008
Supernuker Support Manager Seattle, Washington September 2004
ThiefMaster Developer, Network Administrator, Support Manager February 2004

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