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This application is to host a GameSurge IRC Server. It is not to register a channel, and it is not for GameSurge to host a game server for you or your clan.

GameSurge is always looking for quality hosting providers to donate server leafs to our network to better the GameSurge user experience. We are currently accepting links under the following conditions:

  • The prospective server has 5 M/Bit per second connectivity or greater.
  • The prospective server is *NOT* on a broadband or dial-up connection.
  • The prospective server is running *BSD or Linux
  • The prospective server is not a shell server or a "pay to link" server where it is being rented for the sole purpose of providing a GameSurge leaf
  • The prospective server applicant has full access (root) and permission from the upstream provider to host an IRC server
  • The prospective server has a low load average and a reliable uptime
If you feel your server meets or exceeds the previous conditions we encourage you to fill out the following application. It is a multi-step process which is started by validating you are a human and not a bot or program and to enter the IP address of the server you are applying with.

All information submitted through this application processes is logged, including your ip address. Use of this system in any fradulent manner or illegal manner will result in all information being reported to the proper law enforcement agencies.

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