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madCoder was born in Houston, TX, and raised in El Paso, TX. A c/o 2002 graduate of Franklin High School, he completed two years at the University of Texas at Dallas, majoring in Software Engineering, and graduated from University of Phoenix in 2007. He has been programming since middle school, and has an adept knowledge of C++, C, PHP, (X)HTML, JavaScript, bourne scripting, and several other various scripting languages. madCoder has completed the full Cisco CNA curriculum and holds CompTIA certifications for i-Net+, A+, Network+, and Security+, as well as MCP, MCSA, and MCSA:Security certifications from Microsoft. He is also a Zend Certified PHP 5 Engineer.

madCoder is known in the Counter-Strike community for his position at Counter-Server, as well as plugins written for AdminMod, and a PHP server query class known as madQuery (downloadable from Counter-Server's website). You may also know him from high profile gaming communities such as DesertLAN and Ekins-World.

madCoder started using GamesNET in early 2001, and joined the GamesNET support staff in November of 2002. He has since followed and supported the network to our new home here at GameSurge. Here is a timeline of madCoder's time on staff:

  • Nov 14, 2002: Passed interview, helper trial begins
  • Nov 30, 2002: Passed trial, promoted to Support Helper (+h)
  • Feb 12, 2003: Promoted to Network Helper (+H)
  • Mar 01, 2003: Promoted to Support Operator
  • Jul 07, 2003: Added to Routing Committee
  • Nov 17, 2003: Added to Website Committee
  • Dec 01, 2003: Promoted to Support Committee
  • Feb 02, 2004: GamesNET merged with PGPN to form GameSurge

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