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FAQ for Category: Support

Q: I'm banned out of my channel and can't get back in! What do I do?

A: /chanserv unbanme #channel will unban your hostmask from the channel. If you rejoin and are immediately banned again, you may need to /chanserv delban #channel YOURNICK first before typing /chanserv unbanme #channel again.

Q: How do I change my AuthServ password?

A: /authserv pass OLDPASS NEWPASS

Q: Why do I get kicked from a channel after a netsplit?


When two servers reconnect after a netsplit, certain negotiations are made. Sometimes, these negotiations will end up with you getting kicked, which a lot of users find confusing. There are two reasons that you may be kicked after a netsplit, and here's a quick explanation, by each message:

  • User from far side of netsplit should have been banned - bye.: Someone in the channel banned you, but didn't kick you! When ChanServ comes back, it thinks they forgot to do that, so it does that for them. If you have access in the channel, just: /msg chanserv #channel open -or- /msg chanserv #channel unbanme
  • Net Rider: the channel you are idling in was +i or +k, and when the server you were on split, you had to rejoin the channel. This isn't a big deal - just have ChanServ invite you back in: /msg chanserv #channel inviteme

Remember, these kicks are automatic, so there wasn't any person involved in doing them, even though it may have been ChanServ who actually kicked you. If you still can't get back into your channel, we can help you in #support.

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